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uAvionix Australia collaborates with V-TOL Aerospace

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uAvionix Australia collaborates with V-TOL Aerospace

uAvionix Australia is delighted to be collaborating with V-TOL Aerospace to further develop uAvionix Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) products for applications within Australia. V-TOL Aerospace is a highly regarded key innovator of commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems and operations within our region. 

ping20s-goshawk.jpg  goshawk-launch-bvlos-trial.jpg  ping20s-bvlos-trial.jpg  goshawk-landed.jpg

Beyond Visual Line of Sight Trial

uAvionix Australia conducted their first Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) trial in partnership with V-TOL Aerospace in December 2017. The uAvionix ping20s and FYXnav-B were fitted to the V-TOL GosHawk UAV surveying and mapping platform. With an endurance of nearly 3 hours and a range of 180km plus, the GosHawk's utility & value is significantly enhanced by the fitting of the ping20s, where permitted.

The system performed faultlessly and in fact the trial airspace limit of nearly 7km was reached at 400 feet above ground level (AGL) and still within range of the pingUSB.

Being able to monitor the UAV independently from the control link was very reassuring. In addition, the ability of the ping20s to transmit both height and altitude data was an advantage particularly when flying the UAV in the vicinity of manned aircraft that refer to a barometric datum.

uAvionix Australia firmly believe the fitment of such equipment may provide a basis for CASA to approve commercial UAV operations BVLOS and flights closer to controlled airspace. V-TOL Aerospace intends to use the Ping technology to transit all classes of airspace in 2018.

uAvionix Australia would like to thank V-TOL Aerospace for their support. This has enhanced the development process of uAvionix products in Australia that will enable future capabilities for all UAV operators.