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ADS-B Rebate Program Opens 17 June 2022

Posted by uAvionix Australia on

The objective of the ADS-B Rebate program is to incentivise voluntary uptake of ADS-B equipment in Australian registered aircraft operating under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) to improve safety and efficiency for Australian airspace users

If you are the registered owner of a crewed aircraft operating under VFR and shown in an approved registration database you may be eligible to claim up to 50% of ADS-B project expenditure.

Check your Eligibility

The program funds two classes of eligible ADS-B equipment:

  • Installed ADS-B equipment that air traffic controllers can use for aircraft separation purposes, or
  • Portable ADS-B Electronic Conspicuity equipment for local electronic traffic information purposes.

Flying in Controlled Airspace?

The tailBeaconX and AV30-C bundle is your best bang for buck with the following advantages over the alternatives:

  • tailBeaconX is the only GA diversity full mode A, C, S, ADS-B plus LED rear navigation light all-in-one easy to install unit.
  • AV30-C is a fully digital multi-mode instrument serving as the control interface and barometric source for the tailBeaconX. Packed with additional features including configuration options as either an Attitude Indicator or Directional Gyro indicator, customisable fields as well as audio and visual alerting functions.

No other rebate product offers a better value proposition.

Outside Controlled Airspace but want to be seen?

All you need is a SkyEcho2 Electronic Conspicuity (EC) device

  • ADS-B OUT and
  • ADS-B IN
  • Wifi to your tablet to integrate with OzRunways or AvPlan for traffic awareness display