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SkyLink CNPC

Arriving 2021
US Dollar:

SkyLink meets or exceeds the Command and Control (C2) Data Link Minimum Operational Performance Standards (Terrestrial) for Control and Non-Payload Communication (CNPC) in support of an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Infrastructure ready, SkyLink is an L-Band (960-1164MHz) bi-directional Multiple Input, Single Output (MISO) dual radisystem.


  • DO-362 with Class 1LYAM and 1LYGM configurations
  • Configurable as the Airborne (ARS) or Ground (GRS) Radio
  • Dual Radio System
    • User Plane Radio
      • Transparent bi-directional data link between GRS and ARS
    • Control Plane Radio
      • Handles signaling between ARS and GRS entities in support of link management functions
      • Handover function when passing piloting control from the Serving GRS to the Target GRS
      • Diversity radio after Switchover performing spatial, pattern diversity and polarization
  • SMA, MMCX antenna connectors
  • Status, integrity and health monitoring
  • UTC synchronized TDMA, Geo synchronized FDMA and pseudo-random CDMA for Multiple Access
  • Environmental DO-160G
  • Software DO-178C Level C
  • Complex Hardware DO-254 Level C


  • FCC 47 CFR Part 87 ID 2AFFTC2XCP0

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