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Australian ADS-B Rebate Program Announced

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SkyEcho2 and tailBeaconX-TSO are deemed eligible equipment under the Australian ADS-B Rebate Program announced 1st April, 2022. This program offers grants of up to $5,000 to increase the uptake of ADS-B equipment in Australian-registered aircraft to improve safety and efficiency of Australian airspace users.   

       tailBeaconX-TSO + AV-30-C Bundle  SkyEcho2  

What you get?

Up to $5,000 per eligible aircraft covering up to 50% of eligible project expenditure. Only one grant per aircraft and per device is permitted.

Who is this for?

Registered owners of crewed aircraft operating under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) which are shown in an approved registration database.

Check Your Eligibility

The objective of the ADS-B Rebate Program is to incentivise voluntary uptake of ADS-B equipment in Australian–registered aircraft operating under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) to improve safety and efficiency for Australian airspace users.

The program will provide:

  • better situational awareness for pilots through improved electronic visibility of nearby airborne VFR aircraft
  • enhanced search and rescue capabilities through improved air traffic information
  • air traffic controllers with additional and accurate automated aircraft position information of VFR aircraft.

The program funds two classes of eligible ADS-B equipment:

  • installed ADS-B equipment that air traffic controllers can use for aircraft separation purposes (referred to as ADS-B)
  • portable ADS-B equipment for local electronic traffic information purposes (referred to as ADS-B EC).

Learn more about the SkyEcho2 or tailBeaconX-TSO.

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